"The significance of my work is to show the people looking at a sculpture, a painting, a drawing, a collage, or a poem the beauty, the power, the love and the need of nature or a higher power. And even in the most mundane and commonplace things that "the Force" is always present. That the existence of nature and God are evident due to the fact that all things are made up of atoms and thus are created by, maintained, destroyed, resurrected and governed by nuclear forces, states, conditions and laws."
- Raynes Birkbeck

RAYNES BIRKBECK (born 1956, Bronx) currently lives and works in Manhattan. Birkbeck is a visionary artist, who paints, sculpts, draws, and writes poetry and fiction. He recently exhibited work at the Bureau of General Services--Queer Division (curated by Sam Gordon) and at Safe Gallery, Brooklyn. 

JERRY THE MARBLE FAUN (born 1955, New York City) began hand-carving stone in 1987 and has recently been pursuing ceramic sculpture. Jerry is well known as the Bouvier-Beales’ handyman from the Maysles brothers’ 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. Jerry's work has been shown at Jackie Klempay, Brooklyn; Safe Gallery, Brooklyn; Andrew Edlin Gallery, New York; and Canada, New York. He currently is the artist-in-residence at the former Elaine de Kooning studio in the Hamptons.

METAFLORA is a floral design studio in New York City founded by Marisa Competello in 2014. Her oeuvre includes editorial styling, events, installations, and private residences for clients such as Dimes, Rachel Comey, Kelly Wearstler, Apparatus, Nike, Creatures of the Wind, and Glossier. 

SITUATIONS is an artist run space located in the Two Bridges/Chinatown neighborhood in Manhattan. Founded as a roaming curatorial project in 2015 by Mariah Robertson, Jackie Klempay, Sam Gordon, and Jacob Robichaux, the current location is now run by Mariah and Jackie. Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-6pm. Upcoming art fairs include NADA Miami Beach Dec. 1-4th with Raynes Birkbeck and Jerry the Marble Faun.