TEMPORAL SITUATIONS welcomes you to time-based work each summer: Performances, talks, screenings and other events.


Herban Cura, Turning Weeds into Medicine, Wednesday 7/5, 6:30-7:30
In this workshop we will learn about a few medicinal "weeds" that grow in NYC and how we can use them to benefit our health internally and externally. All participants will leave with an herb infused balm (salve) and a recipe for how to make their own. Energetic exchange $20-40

SANDY SMILES,  Friday, 7/7 at 7pm 
A performance/lecture on fear and fire

Letting Go: The Great Clothing De-acquisition Part II, Saturday July 8, 1030AM-630 PM
Cynthia Leung, Naomi Fisher and Haidee Findlay-Levin are LETTING GO of their fashion archives so you can gain a new YOU. Vintage and designer finds including Comme des Garcons, BLESS, Versace, Balenciaga et al, priced to move.

I want to be Evil, Tuesday 7/11 6-9pm
/// We do not even know that we are compromising. For what? For what reason?/// - Eartha Kitt

These performances begin in and travel through what it means to be everything that we are not.  To begin, is to compromise. The performances will be interspersed with brief readings. 

Performers and Panelists,
Nabila Dadabhoy
Phoebe d'Heurle
Christian Diaz
You Rim Chung

Red Interior, Wednesday July 12, 8:30-9:30
Cello, dance and film performed by Kirsten McCord and Megan Harrold.

Monday, July 10, 4-5PM +++ Live Presence at Situations +++ Anastasia Clarke, Kayla Guthrie, KNOW WAVE +++ Live broadcast of Live Presence radio show hosted by Kayla Guthrie on KNOW WAVE. Special guest, sound artist, Anastasia Clarke.

Tuesday, July 11, 6-9PM +++ I Want to Be Evil +++ Nabila Dadabhoy, Phoebe d'Heurle, Christhian Diaz, You Rim Chung +++ We contradict ourselves.  We evoke what we hope to avoid. We reiterate. We compromise. 
We do not even know that we are compromising. 
/// For what? For what reason? - Eartha Kitt ///
These performances begin in and travel through what it means to be everything that we are not. To begin, is to compromise. 
The performances will be interspersed with brief readings. 

Wednesday, July 12, 8:30-9:30 +++ Red Interior +++  Cello, dance and film performed by Kirsten McCord and Megan Harrold

Thursday, July 13, 7-10PM +++ The Painter to the Moon +++ Mark Golamco & LaLa Harrison Ryan, Musical Performance +++Farnoosh Fathi, Poetry Reading +++ $10 suggested donation (no one turned away due to lack of funds)

Saturday, July 15, 12pm to 6pm +++ HOUSE OF RUMOUR +++ Curated by Rachel James +++ Listening Room with Fia Backström, Rin Johnson, Chelsea Knig, Conor Messinger, Caitie Moore, Willy Smart +++ Reading Room +++ 2 Bridges Music Arts

Sunday, July 16, 6-8PM +++ A Handbook of Drug Terms : Book Launch +++ Rachel Eulena Williams, Elizabeth Karp-Evans, Adam Turnbull  +++ A Handbook of Drug Terms by Elizabeth Karp-Evans & Adam Turnbull. Organized by Rachel Eulena Williams

Working To Beat The Devil: Monday July 17, 7-9PM
Drawing on their ongoing research into sound, community, and the problem of evil, the Working to Beat the Devil Orchestra presents "Working to Beat the Devil," a program of arrangements from the standard repertory of experimental ritual, healing and otherwise.

 Raque Ford Performing & Integrity Commission and Hog 97 score a film 
Tuesday July 18, 7pm

Performers: Raque Ford, Rory Rosenberg, Tom Forkin, Possible Special Guests

An evening of performances and readings organized by Gordon Hall around touching objects, especially with your hands. 

Planned Passage, Thursday July 20, 6-9PM
Brina Thurston will be drafting custom plans with individuals interested in discussing and designing their memorialization.
In light of the current state of American health insurance, the possible defunding of planned parenthood, lack of environmental protection and all general neglect for all things preventative, Brina has jumped ahead to consult with people in planning their unique post life commemoration. 

Samuel Yates Street View, Saturday July 22 1-2PM
The slowest street view on the interwebs, powered by a talking human since 2001. You type a street name in the Facebook Live comments and Samuel Yates gives you a personal tour using his own 22,339 printed color specimens (photos) of every parcel in Palo Alto, California—archived in 556 file boxes, one for each street, tightly packed floor-to-ceiling inside the gallery—from before Amazon (2005), Microsoft (2006), and Google (2007) got in the game. First come, first served. Street names, paint, and details at http://www.samuelyates.com. #theRobotsAreComing #nevermindTheRobotsAreHere #randomAccessMemory #archiveFeverDream #endlessObjects #theColorOfPaloAlto

In Conversation with Chazz Giovanni
 Saturday July 22 & Sunday July 23 7-10PM

In Conversation with Chazz Giovanni sees the artist talking about his past and present work, influences, creative process and more.
Event organized by Tony Jackson Jr.

Screenings @ Situations, Sunday July 23 3-6PM
Wes Miller, Adam Liam Rose, Cindy Ji Hye Kim & Chris Fernald, Irina Arnaut, Emily Kohl-Mattingley, And More

Capitalist Realism Surimono: an exhibition of towels with live painting and readings about pleasure and complaint: Monday July 24th 12-8pm

Dear friends, admirees, artists and models.---I’m writing to invite you to participate (hang out with me? perform? paint? read) on July 24th. Situations has asked me to program this day for their Temporal Month.---The gallery invited me to do something related to my portrait painting / writing and reading work, basically offering a studio for the day, which will be open to the public.  I proposed “Capitalist Realism Surimono: an exhibition of towels with live painting and readings about pleasure and complaint.”---Surimono are a kind of Floating World era Japanese print commissioned by poetry societies to illustrate poems and depict their authors, or by celebrities commemorating special occasions like stage debuts. So Surimono is a kind of combination of image and text, related to persona and its marketability.---I am setting the stage with my towel collection (an homage to Konrad Lueg/Fischer, Mark Fisher, and Matisse. Towel contributions are welcome!) and I invite you to pose for a painting -- or paint one yourself -- possibly while reading a text of your choice (which may be excerpted or illustrated in the painting). This will be going on all day.---In the spirit of surimono, I plan to print an album of postcards of the paintings that get produced, but guests are welcome to keep their painted portraits. 

3 for 3 @ Situations: Tuesday July 25 6-9 pm

An evening of performance curated by Alexandra Albrecht. This is a free and flexible performance event. You may come and go as you please to view the latest, in-process work from artists Christine Elmo, Kyli Kleven and Nehemoyia Young. Wine and sparkling water

Just the Songs: Wednesday July 26 8-9 pm
Mariana Valencia sings songs from her evening-length performance that encircle a herstory. Image credit: Alex Escalante


ASSERTIVENESS CLINIC EYE CONTACT THERAPY With Mariah Robertson: Friday July 28 7-8 pm
Dear Friends, have you had a recent verbal interaction that didn't go as you would have ideally liked? Please join me for a one on one session in which we will analyze the scenario and you will practice alternate versions while looking me directly in the eyes. Like an athlete or a Navy SEAL, when confronted with similar scenarios you can fall back on training as we work to build a verbal 'muscle memory' for the future. 12 minute sessions. No monetary payment accepted. Final 2 minutes of session will be you helping me. 
Please RSVP for a time slot in comment section below:
4 Sessions only.
Friday July 28 7:00pm
Friday July 28 7:15pm
Friday July 28 7:30pm
Friday July 28 7:45pm

EAT CELESTIAL SHIT: Friday July 28 9-11 pm
An apocalyptic rinse by Alaina Claire Feldman and Sarah Wang.

THE CONJURING OF BLOODY MARY, How I found myself in popular Horror Scifi: Saturday July 29 12-5pm
A lecture and Powerpoint presentation of women in horror by Harriet Salmon. More specifically, a memoir of the artist's relationship with horror and sci-fi films and how they influenced her personal identity though-out her life.

NIGHTWOOD an evening with drag kings: Saturday July 29 9pm
Nightwood: a whimsical, gothic lesbian narrative from 1936, named after the legendary Djuna Barnes novel and to be a double entendre for an evening with drag kings. As a means to stimulate pride in lesbian history and to bring in members of the lesbian and queer community to perform, reclaim masculinity, and engage with peers. The kings will be invited to create their own persona, create an act of singing, stand up, poetry reading, lip syncing, dancing. Alex Schmidt, Dana Zissner, Eli Farahmand, Liz Hopkins, Kayla Guthrie, Martina Gordon, Nicole Schneit, Sarah Zapata.

The Helpline Open Rehearsal: Sunday July 30 10 am - 4 pm
An open rehearsal of the choreography used in a PSA video for a women's helpline. From inside a car at night, , four women perform,  "The Helpline" a synchronized dance performed while seated with a cell phone light.  At this rehearsal, the movement will be workshopped in the gallery space by several dancers. Organized by Gloria Maximo.

Selected Loops: Sunday July 30 6-9 pm
A night of film and video loops, curated by Jibade-Khalil Huffman

streamers : Monday July 31 7:30 pm
An evening featuring choreography and performance by emerging female artists: Kelsey Kramer, Lexie Thrash, Rachel Hagan, Carolyn Hoehner, Eimile Davis. Curated by Kelsey Kramer.

NEW TALENT by Sam Roeck: Tuesday August 1 6-8 pm
A group exhibition showcasing new directions in Modern Art.

BEING : Wednesday August 2 7-9 pm
An Evening of Existential Show&Tell; John Haskell
Josh Kline, Brandon Kreitler, Alan Reid, Mariah Robertson, Hanna Sandin.
Curated by Sasha Laing