In the Summer 2018, photographer Quil Lemons turned 21 and exited his junior year at The New School! After garnering attention with his first project “GLITTERBOY”, in which he dusted young black men in glitter to combat hypermasculinity within the black community. More recent work includes “PURPLE” a series of portraits in which Lemons celebrated the women who raised him.

However, this show will be a departure from his special project work. This is a show capturing the nuances of the question “What was summer like for you?” – one many students hear as the summer ends and school begins to rear its head. 

This is a docu-photo installation exhibiting the many moments captured by Lemons’ lens in the past 90 days. It is as an amalgamation of memories that answer the question Lemons will be hearing when seasons begin to change and September rolls around. The work on display will showcase many different styles from candid highlights, portraiture and editorial photography.