TWO AMERICANS CHANTING                                                                       A composition for a woman and a man by Sean Edward Lewis/ Lilac Co. featuring Emily Clayton and Sean Lewis

August 3-5, 2018                                                                                          7p ; $15                                                                                                          run time approx: 1 hr without intermission

TEMPORAL SITUATIONS 2018 is pleased to announce TWO AMERICANS CHANTING, by Sean Edward Lewis and the Lilac Co.


The inaugural TEMPORAL 2018 event will feature a three night presentation
of TWO AMERICANS CHANTING, Friday August 3rd, Saturday August 4th
and Sunday August 5th. The play will feature Lilac Co. founder and director
Sean Lewis as well as artist Emily Clayton.


Lilac Co. originated in 2007 in the basement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenpoint Brooklyn, with the performance of “Just Another Cowboy Lost in Steinland” - a work that performed ROOMS by Gertrude Stein in its entirety. In the summer of 2009 Lilac Co. began operating out of an abandoned storefront at 94 Norman Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Through the fall of 2012 Lilac Co. created and presented seven original full-length works at this location, including a movie, “Storefront” shown at the Segal Center’s International Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) in 2017.


In July of 2011 SITUATIONS Co-Founder Mariah Robertson was drawn to the peculiarly obscured glass display cases of 94 Norman Ave. When Robertson discovered the curtained storefront was Lilac Co.’s performance space she returned to see that summer’s Lewis original “Macbeth Family Reconciliation Project”. The following year Mariah again visited Norman Ave for “Jinx” 2012. After these initial introductions to Lilac Co. Robertson and Lewis formed a lasting friendship founded in celebrating the intersection of performance and studio art.

 Lilac Co. August 2012 "Drusi Is Coming" Photo by Mariah Robertson

Lilac Co. August 2012 "Drusi Is Coming"
Photo by Mariah Robertson

From one creative labor of love to another, we at SITUATIONS are happy to invite Sean Lewis and Lilac Co. into the gallery for TEMPORAL SITUATIONS 2018.

 Emily Clayton

Emily Clayton

Clayton is a New York based artist dealing in the pleasure and discomfort of the body. Recent exhibitions
include Kate Werble, NY; Susan Inglett, NY; Launch F18, NY, 80WSE, NY; and Roots and Culture, Chicago.
She received an MFA in 2015 from New York University.




Lewis is a playwright and a performer and founder of Brooklyn, NY based Lilac Co. - Recent works by Lewis have been presented at Triangle Arts Association, New York (2017), The Roy Hart Institute, Maleragues, France (2017); Collapsible Hole, New York (2017); the Segal Center’s PRELUDE Festival, New York (2016); The Segal Center’s International Film Festival on Theatre and Performance, New York (2017), Pantheatre Myth and Theatre Festival, Paris (2014); the Public Theater’s Under The Radar Festival, New York (2014); and Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, New York (2013/2012)

 Sean Edward Lewis

Sean Edward Lewis